Lecture on cattle breeding

Lecture on cattle breeding

On 25 February in the Cultural center in Glavinci and in the Glogovac library, lectures on Selection and cross-breeding of cows were hosted. The lecturer was Dr. Vlada Pantelić , research associate and director assistant for technological development and selection at the Institute of Animal Husbandry in Belgrade. Dr. Pantelić pointed out that production traits, longevity and health of cattle depend on:

  • Genetics (selection and breeding)
  • Feeding
  • Management

There was discussion about the breeds of cows suitable for breeding in Serbia. The most common breed in our region is Simmental,which has a good relation of milk production, fattening potential and quality of meet and breeding conditions. Holstein Fresian gives the most milk, but unlike Simmentals it requires much more care and it is susceptible to diseases. Also the Holstein Fresian breed gives meet of poorer quality. Nowadays Montebliard and Brown Swiss breeds are represented more and more.
The lecturer stressed the importance of cross-breeding in order to improve genetic structure of the livestock and the possibility to obtain subsidies for registered cross-breeds.
The lecture was met with great response from a great number of farmers.

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