IV International Ethno Fair  held in Jagodina on 10th July

IV International Ethno Fair held in Jagodina on 10th July

NGO Etno Forma in cooperation with local self-government of Jagodina organizes International Ethno Fair this year too.
The members of the Agrolib-Ja team visited the International Ethno Fair held in Jagodina, and on that occasion they handed out flayers about the AgroLib-Ja project to the participants and the visitors of the fair.
The flayer contains the following basic information about our website, which started working, and about our awarded project AgroLib-Ja:
• Renewal of village libraries in Bagrdan, Bunar, Glavinci, Glogovac and Deonica
• Free Internet access in village libraries
• Free agricultural lectures
• Free computer training of farmers
• Creation of website which will gather all farmers, craftsmen and those who are engaged with village tourism from all over Serbia
• Free agricultural products and services advertising on www.agrolib.rs website
The Public Library “Radislav Nikcevic” with the help of funds received from the international organization eILF.net implements the AgroLib-Ja project.
The representatives of our team AgroLib-Ja visited the whole fair and talked with each exhibitor separately. This was a unique opportunity to promote our project, present our ideas and provide basic information about the goals of our project. We also stressed that all interested exhibitors and producers can promote themselves for free on our website, and present themselves and their products in the form of user’s profiles. We exchanged promotional material with the exhibitors. We found out that most of them have their own websites, so we suggested future cooperation.
Exhibitors and producers of souvenirs and folk art from different parts of Serbia were present at the fair.
The organizer of the fair was the NGO Etno forma from Jagodina, one of our AgroLib-Ja project partners.
The fair was organized and held in Sports Hall at the attractive location within the tourist complex-park Djurdjevo Brdo, which includes the first Aqua Park in Serbia, the Zoo and the Outdoor stage.
NGO Etno Forma affirms folk art, preservation of old crafts and promotion of national souvenirs.

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