A lecture on quince production

A lecture on quince production

On Wednesday, 2 March 2011, a lecture on Modern trends in fruit growing and alternative fruit species: quince cultivation and production in plantations was hosted. The lecturer, graduate engineer of agro-economics Zoran Milošević made a comparison between growing some common fruit species, such as apples and plums and less common, such as cherry and quince.


Production of alternative fruit species may be interesting to farmers because such products are deficient on our market and it is possible to achieve higher prices for them. In the main part of the lecture, the intensive production of quince was presented in details. Compared to the apple, starting quince production requires considerably less means, and it would be possible to sell at significantly higher prices. Apart from the possibility to consume fresh quince, it can also be used for making many different products. Quince is in demand in the manufacturing industry, so for the fruit of poorer quality, good prices are achieved. At the end of the lecture, the attendees had a pleasure to taste the brandy- quince brandy of the highest quality.

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