A section of the website is for the needs of the AgroLib project is dedicated to farmers, people dealing with old crafts and village tourism and want to sell their products by advertising for free via the Internet. This section of the website is called AgroLib online marketplace.

Thanks to this website, a lot of farmers have found the market for themselves during these five years of project implementation.

This part of the site will be at your service only to those farmers who have offer throughout the year.

In fact, at this point farmers will be able to register for free and ads that sell their products throughout the year.

In 2012 the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, with Agricultural Advisory Services of Serbia launched the website Аgroponuda for selling seasonal products. Today it is the biggest free on-line marketplace in Serbia. We partnered with the Agricultural Advisory Service in Jagodina , so we can offer the biggest on-line agricultural marketplace to farmers in the Pomoravski district.