Blueberry harvesting

Blueberry harvesting

Within the project AgroLib, in 2013 the village libraries of the Jagodina municipality hosted lectures on conditions and process of growing blueberries in Serbia. Gvozden Dželatović, who started the blueberry production in 2012, shared his experience with existing and future blueberry growers in the lectures.

Gvozded installed the hail protection net, drip irrigation on his property in the village of Vranovac. He simply folowed the instructions that he heard in lectures, this year  he has organized the first harvest.

Read the short text that Gvozden sent us in order to share his experience and success with us. You can also see impressive photos of the harvest.

„Here is the report from the blueberry harvest in words and pictures from my property in the village of Vranovac near Jagodina:
After 3 years of work, the day of harvesting the blueberries came. Around 10 inexperienced pickers gathered. All of them had a stron will to do the work properly. We had sunny weather and breeze, and everybody was in good mood. All of these contributed to eight hours of active work and 150 kilos of first-class Duke variety. The blueberries were delivered on the same day to a known buyer.

This year, I am expecting to have 700 kilos from the area of 35 ares with 650 planted seedlings of blueberry. Full harvest is expected  in 2018  with  yield of 3,000 kilos.

The plantation is equipped with the drip irrigation system, shading and hail protection net.

Bluberries are harvesrted between 15 June and 15 July and after that period preparation for the next season starts. The plan is to introduce authomated feeding system which will be an integral part of the irrigation system.

Blueberries from our plantation can be found in supermarkets all over Serbia, and one part will be delivered to purchaser with refiregerator cars who buy fruit for the Russian market.”